Monday, December 28, 2009

Being a Professional

Bygone is the time, when muscle power & money power ruled. 
Today, we are in the information age - and information is power. 
Millionaires are no longer just born but are made. They were doing the right idea. While writing in blogger, what else can I finger point than the Google story.

Not all are lucky ending up an entrepreneur; but there is a equally fulfilling class - the Professionals.
Today, Professional is a buzzword - quick to reaches & riches. But what is it?

First thought props - completing a uni degree makes a Professional. Having entered the Corporate, I understood it was just a starting point. 
Professionalism is not a transformation after a four year course but it is a reflection as in one's action & persona, may be moulded over a period of time.

In sports, we identified professional as someone who participates for money but lest we forget his impressive competence. In Sports, Corporate or elsewhere, he is none unless driven by passion.

I've come across some 'exceptional talents' - in fact, I can quote a manager who had build million dollar accounts, out of nothing. Aged young, still have gone miles beyond many others. 
They are 'wonder'; precipitating thought - "Lucky folks". They were engaged in creative and challenging work and just got recognized for their brilliance at work? 
But they gave different feel of air - Interacting with them, inspires you. Upper the ladder, the more humble & understandable were they. Something that makes that stand out from rest of the bunch.

Can't we too? Answer should be - Yes!

Some time back, I came across an article in the blog by Subroto Bagchi, co-founder of MindTree. Here, he revealed the top qualities that makes a professional stand-out from the rest.
While authoring 'Professional', he reached out a world-wide group of 'admirable' professionals. Asking them 3 questions: what qualities did they admire in a “professional”? What were some of their own uplifting experiences in dealing with other professionals? What were their recollections of unprofessional conduct?

The top ten professional attributes were:
   1. Integrity
   2. Commitment and ownership
   3. Action orientation and goal seeking
   4. Continuous learning
   5. Professional knowledge/skills
   6. Communication
   7. Planning, organizing and punctuality
   8. Quality of work
   9. A positive attitude, approachability, responsiveness and
  10. Being an inspiring reference to others, thought leadership

When I stumbled upon the 'ten commandments', I could see my manager in ditto. 
I couldn't believe he was achieving by just 'being professional'!

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