Tuesday, April 3, 2012

ASIC Connect - Window to search Australian companies

ASIC Connect
ConnectOnline is a new offering from Australia’s corporate, markets and financial services regulator - ASIC. This serves as a window to peep into the publicly
Australia stands on top (Rank2) in Starting a business. ASIC is manages starting/registering a company in Australia.

The Searching functionality overcomes the inability for customers to conduct paid searches direct from the ASIC website. This service also enables customer to purchase products that are otherwise not available an Information Broker (eg: certificates, certified documents, and Australian Financial Services (Licensees and Representatives) extracts etc) and hence saving time visiting a service centre or mail a request for these products. Moreover, products seems to be Cheaper for Better ;)

Features include searching & buying products by:
1. Organisation Search
2. Checkname availability
3. Document Search
4. Banned and Disqualified Persons
5. Professional Registers

Purchaseable products include different types of extracts and documents for company and prof registers.
 The reports can also be purchased from Information brokers

Looks like the Asic connect has more to offer for the future.

Help page

Thinking of starting a business
Starting business rankings
ConnectOnline gone public!
Counterpart for New Zealand

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