Sunday, November 21, 2010

Oracle BPEL PM - Components

  • BPEL Designer—a graphical and user-friendly way to model, edit, design, and deploy BPEL processes. BPEL Designer also enables you to view and modify the BPEL source code. This is SOA Composite Editor in Oracle JDeveloper.
  • Oracle BPEL Server—the server to which you deploy the BPEL process that you design and that contains human workflow, technology adapters, and notification services components. Default=Weblogic AS. Websphere can also be configured
  • Oracle BPEL Console—the console from which you run, manage, and test your deployed BPEL process. Oracle BPEL Console provides a Web-based interface for management, administration, and debugging of processes deployed to Oracle BPEL Server.
  • Dehydration store - by default Oracle Database Lite; other enterprise db like Ora10g/11g & SqlServer can also be configured for this using JTA datasource.
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